Curriculum Vitae

  • Brazilian Architect specialised in high tech projects for dental offices
  • Former PPAD High Technology editorAuthor of several projects on dental education and clinical live transmission.
  • Developer of Video on Demand in Dentistry for InternetWorks
    develops new trends in photo and video production for dentistry working with Mauro Fradeani, Eric Van Dooren, Nitzan Bichacho, Galip Gurel, among others.
  • Developer of DSD – Digital Smile Design Developer of SKYN Concept International lecturer in high tech

lecture subject

SKYN Concept – The perfect balance between art and technology
Through a predictable digital workflow, this lecture will teach the most easy and simple protocols for a 100% digital workflow.
Aesthetics and function working together on a perfect balance with artistry, no analog impression, no manual wax up, no ceramic build up, no articulator, all digital with simplicity and predictability. Copying nature to bring an easy step by step for your smile designs using one photo and one video.
Livio Yoshinaga
Livio Yoshinaga

video lecture