Curriculum Vitae

  • Restorative dentist lecturer  ,Conservative dentistry department, Faculty of dentistry, Alexandria University.
  • studying doctoral degree (PhD.) in material science ,Alexandria university
  • Master’s degree (MSc) in operative dentistry ,Faculty of dentistry, Alexandria University.
  • Bachelor degree (BDS.) in dental medicine and oral surgery,Faculty of dentistry, Alexandria University.

lecture subject

CAD/CAM VsMAD/MAM in zirconia milling
The use of computer technology in dentistry is becoming an increasingly integral part of clinicians’ restoration procedures.
The development of accurate scanning devices, expansion of software capabilities, precision milling in the use of computer-aided design/computer-aided manufacturing (CAD/CAM) technologies, and newer nonmetal materials such as zirconia make dentistry one of the fastest changing disciplines.
Rasha Hamouda
Rasha Hamouda

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