Curriculum Vitae

  • Starting as a dental technician, he moved onwards to become a successful dental laboratory owner, before selling his lab interests and joining the corporate world at the beginning of the digital dental revolution.
  • For the past 10 years, he has worked specifically in the field of digital intra oral scanning. Through David’s experience of training over 600 dentists to use intra-oral digital impression scanners, he has a unique insight into dentists and patient needs, when they are looking to incorporate digital workflows into their businesses.
  • David is an international speaker on digital dental workflows and their return on investment, and is the Director of IOS(ROI) for the IDDA. David is a committee member of the BDIA (British Dental Industry Association), and is a regular author in Dental Laboratory Journal.
  • For his presentation, David will share his experiences and relate the features from various IOS into benefits for you and your patients. Finally, David will introduce delegates to the new word, and new world, of ‘Scanomics’

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new worldof ‘Scanomics’

David _Claridge

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