Curriculum Vitae

  • Dr Mahmoud graduated from 6 OCT Uni in Egypt Since 2010 ( BDS ) & Since then he had the Great Passion Toward Application of Digital Dentistry.Then he passed the Master of orthodontics – Menia Uni. ( MSC )
  • Dr Mahmoud is certified trainer on Smile Designer Pro-Canada .In addition to attending many advanced Orthodontic training Sessions & Hands on in the last 8 years inside & outside Egypt on different digital orthodontic modalities & clinically trained under a lot of Orthodontic Professors.
  • Since he believed that the pathways of sharing information and collaborating on cases are becoming more abundant and easier to use. And Digital technology is creating workflows never seen before in the dental industry, He had the passion to applied Digital Smile Design in Orthodontics and works on advanced Multidisciplinary Cases & Projects, it give him the power to create multiple ortho- Smile Design Courses, Multidisciplinary Courses & Hands on in Digital Dental Solution.
  • Dr Mahmoud has great clinical experience to merge different Dental Sciences & Specialties in Teamwork to produce Elite High End Results which exceed patient Expectation.
  • He is well trained in different orthodontic schools, which grows his talent to achieve the critical integration between art & natural in his clinical cases using unique Ortho-smile design bio-mechanics, As well he has the expert to consider the importance of the frontal view which usually neglected in orthodontic analysis.
  • He has the expert to Dealing with orthodontic soft wares to simulate treatment and produce modules For Aligners and indirect bracket bonding templates using 3shape soft ware. Dr Mahmoud Cooperate with Smile Design Academy team to build there own digital school in 2015 which is the:
     1- 1st academy in Egypt & middle east introduced the integration of Digital Dentistry & solutions with all Dental Specialty.
                                   2- 1st academy which play it as moving teamwork on all specialties for more efficiency & production.
                                   3- Guarantee the full support after courses regarding consultation or follow up. 4- Introduce for the 1st time in Egypt Complete Dental Services starting from Photography, analysis, design & production.

lecture subject

>How to be an orthodontist & smile designer.
>>Parameters of Digital orthodontic approach.
>> Importance of Smile Assessment in orthodontic treatment.
>>Different modalities of dental & facial analysis.
>>Smile Design Guiding Ortho.
>>Assessment of the ideal smile design & Orthodontic Relations according to evaluation in 3 line axis (Vertical – Transverse – Sagittal ) .


video lecture